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Yes, Actually, neopronouns are a form of speech, and ...

Nonbinary pronouns, as well — often the singular “they” and “them” — have become widespread. A neopronoun can also be a so-called “noun-self pronoun,” in which a pre-existing word is drafted into use as a pronoun. And then there are neopronouns. A New Jersey teacher interviewed and recorded 4th-grade students on the educator's "non-binary" "they/them" pronouns and posted the videos on a public TikTok account over the course of several months. The teacher interrogated the same student on another occasion. The teacher said, "[Name redacted] is extremely smart, and it's one of the reasons why I put her on the video because she is extremely smart, she makes her own decisions." People should be thoughtful and respectful of another’s gender identity and allow them to express their gender however they please. be patient and open to a person discovering or developing their gender identity Learn more Learn more about gender identity. “Research has shown that recognition and respect of our pronouns can make all the difference for our health and wellbeing - especially when it comes to LGBTQ youth.” LGBT+ advocates welcomed the new approach. “Adults should be able to earn a living and pursue a vocation knowing that they will not be fired, demoted, or mistreated because of whom they go home to or because how they dress does not conform to sex-based stereotypes.” “Respecting pronouns is part of creating a supportive and accepting environment, which impacts well-being and reduces suicide risk,” the Trevor Project said in a statement. The White House did restore a Spanish-language translation of the website and add new accessibility options, The New York Times reported. “Research has shown that recognition and respect of our pronouns can make all the difference for our health and well being — especially when it comes to LGBTQ youth,” Ellis said in a statement. Since Cross filed his lawsuit in May, two additional teachers in Loudoun County have joined him as plaintiffs. The school system said it suspended Cross in part because his comments caused a disruption at the school. A trial is scheduled for next week in Loudoun County to settle the issue permanently. Since then, gender-neutral language has become more commonplace. Diewald remarks that while gender-neutral language upsets the tabloid press, other media organizations have encouraged its acceptance. In 2019, Hanover became the first state capital to mandate the use of gender-neutral language in all official communication, from emails to brochures and posters. Mr. McWhorter is certainly correct that language is constantly evolving and none of us can fix it in place. I wanted to grab my sibling and all of the wonderful queer people I love and say, Maybe we are OK. Maybe we can be OK. But in his several examples, he demonstrates that language evolves to become clearer and more precise, not to confuse and obscure.

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Maybe, Actually, many members want to be gender neutral, and ...

Using someone’s correct personal pronouns is a way to respect them and create an inclusive environment, just as using a person’s name can be a way to show that person you see and appreciate them. “Showing you are committed to embracing a young person’s pronouns will go a long way to making that child feel heard and seen.” A growing subset of young people is taking another approach: They are adopting identities for which any pronouns will work. According to a survey conducted this month by the Censuswide consultancy, both hiring managers and job seekers showed strong approval for the inclusion of preferred pronouns on resumes. In 2014, Facebook announced a “new custom gender option to help you better express your own identity”, the social media platform said at the time, allowing users to opt for non-binary definitions of their gender. Users in the five countries will now be able to say on their profiles whether they like to be referred to with the gender neutral they or them rather than he or him or she and her - a step the platform said responded to demand from members.

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